Day Four Epic Fail

Well in my defense noone should start a diet or lifestyle change when they have a vacation booked. Every morning I ate fruit and my muffins. But that’s about where it ended. It is so hard to eat good in a restaurant. I drank pop and definitely ate larger portions than necessary. EPIC FAIL! I did not gain any weight but however…I am still the largest bridesmaid so I cannot let a little vaca get in my way. I did do lots and lots of walking and swimming so I feel like I got some exercise in. Tomorrow is a running day for me. Outside with the baby if its warm or inside on the treadmill if it’s cold. I have my muffins for breakfast and I am going to make a stir fry for dinner with chicken and tons of vegetables. Lunch is TBD. Oh and we all need to drink way more water. So here we go…..


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