Portion Control All the Way

Portion control always needs to be reviewed!! After working midnights last night, this morning I came home and went right to bed skipping breakfast. Normally I would not recommend skipping breakfast but us shift workers have a strange schedule. For lunch I had tuna salad with whole wheat organic pasta. I had one bowl and some fruit. I don’t care that pasta has carbs and that I used a tablespoon of mayo. I care that I had one serving and chose healthier ingredients than usual for me. I was eating lunch as I was feeding my daughter and realized how true it is that when you eat slow you actually feel full faster with less food. Since I had to take many breaks from eating to cut up her food in tiny bites, since she is just learning to eat, it caused me to eat my lunch over a course of 30 minutes. I normally would have ate 2 or 3 servings until I was feeling stuffed. There is NO REASON to wait until you feel stuffed. If you wait a few minutes after a normal serving size you will feel full and satisfied not stuffed and sick.

The zucchini bread muffins I must say are working out very nicely for breakfast when I don’t have much time to cook myself a gourmet breakfast. (every day) One recipe made 2 dozen muffins and I popped a bunch into the freezer. So now I just heat one or two up and I’m ready. Grab water and whatever fruit is in the fridge and I have a much healthier breakfast than before. Also, I am so proud of myself for spending some time today making up freezer bags of smoothie kits. This recipe is a little time consuming but super easy. Here is the website I got it from. Love all of these ideas!!


I bought a 16oz container of plain yogurt.

Filled the 12 holes of a muffin pan with the yogurt. The 16 oz container is the perfect amount to fill all of the holes.

I then cut up all of the fruit I wanted and layed it out on a cookie sheet.

Put all of this in the freezer until the yogurt is frozen and the fruit pieces don’t stick together.

Then you just have to portion out the fruit and one now “chunk” of yogurt and place them into freezer zip lock bags.

When you are ready for a smoothie just dump the contents of your bag and add a little orange juice, apple juice, or skim milk to help blend everything easier and voila! You have a super fast and easy all natural fruit smoothie.

Now I have about 15 muffins and 6 smoothie kits in my freezer ready to go. I need to buy some more fruit for the leftover yogurt.

I have found that spending the time to prepare these breakfasts in advance eliminates the temptation to either buy a fast food breakfast, eat something in the house that is quick but unhealthy, or skip breakfast all together (that’s me). Now I have no excuses!! I can’t mess up breakfast for at least 2 weeks. Oh and both of these options can be taken in the car with me if I need to leave early in the morning.

With a little planning and organization I just may be on the right track.


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