Breakfasts are conquered…..for now at least

I have another fabulous discovery! Whole wheat banana pancakes. They are awesome and even my husband the junk food fanatic said they were good. And the 9 month old baby loves them too. Thank you again to for giving me ideas to try.

This recipe made me 16 pancakes that were actually rather large. That was fine with me but if you made “regular” size pancakes then I’m sure you could get at least 20, if not more. But in my lifestyle change/diet plan/ fit in a bridesmaid dress I’m not about to be unrealistic and starve myself. Starving myself only leads to going out for fast food late at night or getting ice cream. Like I’ve said before, I cannot set myself up for failure. I have to do what works for me and slowly work on changing my habits. With that being said. I have so many breakfast options in my freezer right now that I can honestly say since starting this I have not ate an unhealthy breakfast. Now some of you may think only 3 options is not going to cut it. I know I will get sick of these 3 foods I’m sure, but the beauty is one recipe of each creates so many breakfasts that I am all set while I keep researching for the best tasting healthy recipes out there. Microwaving the muffins and pancakes are working out to be very quick and easy for me. I may try adding pears or apples to the pancakes instead of bananas just for a change.  Here is the awesome pancake recipe.

Once I get a collection of the best recipes out there for us food lovers that are flavorful and filling I am going to work on a meal plan to combine all of these sources. I hope I can inspire someone to just keep trying to get healthy in their life. I know that I don’t want to be the largest bridesmaid but I also don’t want to be the unhealthiest mom and wife. So keep trying everyone. Try one of these recipes. Maybe it will be start for you to go in the right direction.

And P.S. how could I forget….I lost 3 pounds. Not bad so far 🙂